Golf balls are all about ‘feel’.

But the big question is – how do you ‘feel’ about your golf balls?

Choosing the right golf ball is ‘de rigueur’ these days – be they soft or hard, low spin, high spin, two piece, three piece or multilayer. But I’m going to be break from tradition here and say “I really don’t care!” I’ll play with mostly anything – usually something I’ve just fished out of a lake or accidentally stood on in the rough.

Having said that, I do spend an inordinate amount of time cleaning my balls and marking them up to make sure everybody knows they’re now mine. It’s a ritualistic thing! I love to make sure my golf gear is in perfect order before I go out to battle.

And it’s made me think, when it comes to golf balls, there’s maybe something deeper going on!

The Inner Game

SaintNine is a new golf ball manufacturer from South Korea who caught my attention at this year’s PGA Show. They’ve sprung from a Korean tyre company called Nexen Corporation who have added rather intriguing artwork to their balls and packaging that makes them different and curiously appealing.

They’re calling these emojis ‘Mental Mates’! I have quite a few of those already! But I was interested enough in these colourful totems to take a few samples out on the course and test them. The nine ‘Mental Mates’ consist of jazzily colourful ‘anime’, symbolising various mental aspects such as Confidence, Courage, Confidence, Trust, Joy, Positivity, Serenity etc. You have to learn what each graphic stands for as it doesn’t say on the ball. It’s fairly obvious that the Lion is for Courage. The Camel (endure) and Crocodile (focus) I had to look up!

Did it make a difference to have some silly, slightly garish graphic staring up at me everytime I addressed the ball? I’d like to think it did! And this is what the Korean company is driving at. The game of golf is after all 99% mental. Increasingly (maybe it’s an age thing) I’ve noticed I play badly when I’m in the wrong headspace i.e. aggressive, anxious, annoyed at myself, etc. But if I gain some composure, stop and take a deep breath, relax and still my mind, things go noticeably better! And that’s where these emotional emoji come in most handy. They’re a constant reminder that good golf comes from a relaxed mental state.

 SaintNine’s packaging looks more like a box of luxury chocolates - and there is something very tasty inside.
SaintNine’s packaging looks more like a box of luxury chocolates – and there is something very tasty inside.

Nine Different Animals

Eastern shamanic traditions embrace the idea of ‘animism’, the belief that objects, places and creatures possess some kind of spiritual power. The same goes for American Indian ‘totems… in fact Native American tribes believe that each person is connected with nine different animals that act as their spirit guides. Sigmund Freud put forward that your ‘anima’ is the unconscious part of your mind which works automatically without introspection or self-criticism. We all know that great golfing moments usually happen when you least expect them – so I’m quite intrigued about this whole aspect of the game.

I’d be interested to learn what SaintNine were thinking when they came up with this idea but I really think, whether they realise it or not, they’re on to something.

It doesn’t seem to be doing the Korean LPGA any harm!

I’ll play just about any ball that comes into my bag, either lost of found.

But I’ve identified something in my psyche that might be equally important.

So much so- I get all that but is there another dimension to choosing a golf ball. It all becomes rather clinical and most of us plump for the Pro V1 just because we’ve been told and sold to…

mainly about ‘feel’. But how do you feel about your golf ball?

When it comes to golf balls, ‘feel’ is evertything

So, yes, you definitely need to find your ideal ball and that means trying out a few different brands and ! Which brings up another issue – value for money! In recent years, companies such as have introduced direct sales and undercut the big boys by as much as 50%

But there’s another element and I really think this might be the most important. How do you ‘feel’ about your golf balls.

As the to encourage us to use different golf balls, I think they’re missing a trick.

I’ve taken to fairly elabourate marking of my ball mainly to mark. On the green, this is perhaps my number 1 consideration.

Enter Saint 9 from


The Sensational New Saintnine Q 3-piece premium, high performance, coloured golf balls.

Independent test results Vs PRO V1 are available on home page listed under our products.

There is no need to mark your ball when you play with Saintnine Q, as each ball has a unique ball marking. See box picture showing unique characters.

This is a first for the golf ball market worldwide and launched at the PGA Golf Show in Orlando USA in 2014.


1. Saintnine Q delivers tremendous distance by applying its high resilient Nd-Br core and HPF middle cover energy.

2. Especially with driver shots, minimizing back-spin rate results in longer distance.

3. 332 dimple pattern enables golfers to retain consistent direction of the ball and stability in flight.

4. Thin and soft cover of the 3-piece Saintnine Q optimizes best control and gives a soft feeling.

5. Optimal 3-piece golf ball for controlled shots for short game.


1. Core: High resilient Nd-Br core delivers further distance.

2. Inner cover: tin and softest inner cover minimizes side spin that prevents slice or hook and optimizes flight stability and direct of the ball.

3. Outer cover: 332-dimple pattern gives you higher ball trajectory easily and stability in flight combined with soft cover

Independent test results against other leading brands, confirms the Saintnine Q 3-piece performance is one of the best.

The model SAINTNINE Q is appropriate for you if you can coped well with the following golf balls:

– Titleist Pro V1

– Srixon Z-Star

– Nike 20XiS

– Nike Tour One

– Callaway HEX Chrome

– Callaway Tour i(s)

– Bridgestone B330 RX & RXS

– TaylorMade Penta TP5

– Wilson Staff FG Tour

– Maxfli U/4 or U/3

Buy Saintnine Q Coloured Tour Golf Balls with confidence.

Each box contains 1 dozen golf balls. The golf balls are packaged in 4 sleeve boxes containing 3 golf balls in each sleeve.

Attention Customers!

Free shipping only applies to New Zealand customers. (We also ship to Australia – charge is $18.00 per dozen golf balls. For other countries please refer to our global distributor’s page for a supplier near you)

Model: Saint Q 16

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