Have you ever experienced the perfect golf swing? I mean, really? The one that sent the ball away effortlessly directly on target with barely a blip on the anxiety radar and it landed purely just as you wished? I reckon (in my game at least) hitting a hot shot like that is about as rare as a Hole-in-One! But there is a system that can let you experience the perfect golf swing – over-and-over again. 

Sounds too good to be true? Bring on RoboGolfPro! This contraption, I suspect a close cousin of Iron Byron, lets the golfer experience the perfect ergonomically and physically correct golf swing, precisely dialled into their own ability and physique. RoboCop – sorry RoboGolfPro does what no teaching pro can ever do which is to physically guide you through ‘The Perfect Swing’. Aargh!! Sign me up straight away!

Up until now, golfers have had to rely on their own feel and visual feedback or instruction from a coach, video analysis or truck-full of technological gizmos that are available these days. None of the above can however record your swing, make corrections to it and hand it back to you polished to perfection. 

Once you’ve ‘been programmed’, i.e. all the swing imperfections removed, you take hold of your club again and let RoboGolf guide you through the corrected swing, slowly at first to let you get the feel of it – hmmm – most unusual! And then faster until you’re emulating your natural swing speed. As you try to fall back into your old habits, the robot resists and gently guides you back on to the perfect track. 

It’s almost scarily simple but makes complete sense. I stand in my back yard or at my practice field and hit hundreds of golf balls pretty much every day. But every swing is different and the results are equally unpredictable. I’ve also taken dozens of lessons but I have to admit after 30 years, the ‘Perfect Golf Swing’ remains a rather vague, movable feast.  

With RoboGolfPro, if your mechanics are correct then your body will follow and learn the correct movement naturally. RoboGolfPro teaches you the swing you need and you can then easily adjust your body to match it. I only spent about 5-minutes on RoboGolfPro but rest assured, this was enough to convince me that this is one of the most exciting things at this year’s PGA Show. There will definitely be more to follow…

David J Whyte

David has been Scotland's official golf photographer and most published travel writer for the past two and a half decades. In that time he has visited every single golf course in the 'Home of Golf' and played most of them.

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